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Cycle route Weser Hills

Cycle tour to the distillery "Die Fähre" at the Weser river

Distance: 10.2 km | Duration: 1:30 h | Difficulty: easy

Important notice: The district of Lippe is closing a cycle and hiking path between Varenholz and Erder with immediate effect. The reason for this is that the path is no longer safe for traffic and the breeding activity in the floodplain. Detour for cyclists on the alternative route of the Weser cycle path and for pedestrians are signposted. The section will initially remain closed until May 31, 2024. We will keep you up to date.

The bike tour with pit stop at the distillery "Die Fähre" at the Weser river. A tip for all fans of high-percentage alcohol and noble drops.

Die Fähre

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After starting at the campsite, you will circle the 8 hectare large castle lake with the Kalletal water ski facility. The following straight track between Varenholz and Erder is surrounded by wonderful woods. Once you arrive at Erder, you are led directly to the distillery in the old ferry house at the Weser river. 


Built as ferry house in 1925, it was converted into an guesthouse 40 years later. Since 2016 the former restaurant has been a distillery for fine fruit brandies and liqueurs. Freshly harvested and produced from the treasures of the Kalletal fruit meadows.

Experience the distillery "Die Fähre" during a guided tour or by a tasting.


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